Keith Touhey, the photographer, IS A SCAMMER

UPDATE: Apparently, there are more people complaining about his “honesty”. You can see a screen capture of one of his Facebook updates by clicking here. I tried to talk to him on his Facebook page (where he is telling everyone that this article is full of lies), but since he keeps deleting my comments I guess I have no choice but to keep this page updated for everyone who’s interested in this man’s character.

UPDATE: One of his friends is wondering if this article is some sort of black magic. Sean Conroy, you can see a screen capture of my reply before it was deleted by clicking here. And to answer your second question – no, so far I don’t have any more articles like this one on my website. It’s the only one.

The very first scammer in my career as a retoucher was Keith Touhey. Not only he didn’t pay for my services, but he also published the retouched images. How did he scam and lied to me? Well, in the first place I didn’t find any negative information about this photographer on the internet and I decided to work with him.

Keith Touhey promised lots of work and said that he wants me to work only for him for a period of two weeks. Then he gave me the first set of photos.

After a few days of work I sent him one image at a time – for revise – until we completed the first half of the set. Keith Touhey asked me to correct a few more things and then he said that I did a fantastic job.

After we agreed that there are no more things to be fixed and the images are looking the way he wanted, I sent a payment request of $400 on his Paypal acoount. That was the point where things got really messy for us.

Keith Touhey started to ignore me completely. While he was active on social media websites, I tried to contact him via email, Skype, Twitter and Facebook, so no chance he didn’t get my messages.

Searching by his name on Facebook, I also found this group ( where you can read a complaint from another retoucher:

“Uretouch India: Keith Touhey has not given our payment of 750 Euros.I request all of you to do something in this regard as it is our hard work and he has not paid us.Please do some action against him as he has removed me from his friends list too…I request Facebook and others who are associated with him to ban him”

March 13, 2013 at 4:28pm

“Uretouch India: We are the digital image retouching company in India and we have retouched images of Keith Touhey and the bill is 750 Euros. Every time when I call him he gives us…excuses So I request all of you to suggest me what todo to the people like this who ditch others like this…”

March 13, 2013 at 10:39am

Well, since we didn’t have a signed contract or some sort of legal stuff, I guess that’s the only thing I can do for now – tarnish his name on the web and, hopefully, help other retouchers avoid working with Keith Touhey.