Just a few words about Cinemagraphs: what, how and why they matter.

They look simple yet very engaging and the reason why the cinemagraph has been invented in the industry is to allow photographers to preserve the living moment. “More than a photo, but less than a video” is the most common expression used to describe this type of artwork.

What is a solar curve and how to use them on your files?

When we talk about photo retouching, we talk about details and flaws that (al least sometimes) can be very easily omitted after spending a few hours working on a single image. That’s why we need a special technique to take care of this problem.

Photoshop doesn’t allow you to enable OpenGL? Problem solved!

Adobe Photoshop CS4, CS5 and CS6 use the GPU when the installed video card supports the OpenGL standard and has at least 512MB of video RAM. The advantages of using a compatible video card with Photoshop are that you can experience better performance and a lot more fancy features.