Brad Karson won’t pay for your services

It’s been almost 2 years since I started to work as a retoucher for photographers around the world and in this amount of time there were only two people who tricked me with the payment. The first one was Keith Touhey, whose story you can read by clicking here.

Today, hoping that I will help more people to avoid this kind of scam, I will write about the second person who tricked me – Brad Karson, an individual who thought that not paying for people’s services is perfectly ok.

I won’t do the same thing I did with the Keith Touhey’s case – writing the entire story, the exact numbers and so on – because I don’t think this will represent any significant interest to you. I will only write about the method he used in order to trick me and then I’ll post some screenshots so you can have the proof that I know what I’m talking about when affirming that Brad Karson won’t pay for your services.

Ok, so long-story-short, after I finished my job and sent him the hi-res retouched versions of his photos, he asked me to delay the payment a little bcause he isn’t able to pay the entire amount right away. Since I wasn’t in a rush to cash out his money I said ok, not knowing that that was just the beginning.

You can see what followed by clicking here. On the left side it’s the excuse number and on the right side it’s the relevant part of the mail messages. I also have the *.xml archive files of the emails and I can send them by request if someone is questioning the authenticity of these messages.

After 2 months I got tired so I stopped asking Brad Karson about the payment and he didn’t bother to say anything else from that moment. Now, to be sincere, why would he? When you’re doing this to a new and inexperienced freelancer, since there’s no signed contract or some sort of legal stuff, there’s nothing that could happen to you, the cheater. You would simply get away with someone’s work and time.

But that’s not the case everytime. Sometimes the scenario may change. Sometimes the victim may be willing to spend few hours of his free time writing and optimizing an article that describes your character. An article that in a few weeks will hit the number one page on Google and will show up everytime someone will search for your name. And that would be a bad thing for your business. I mean reeaally bad.

Keith Touhey may know this better. Two weeks after I published an article that presents his story, he gave an interview to a local blogger. I want to end up this article with an excerpt from that particular interview:


Question: So, in light of all this, can you foresee any circumstances in which you might ever work with Mr. Ivascu in the future, if you were to resolve your current differences?

Keith Touhey: I’m afraid not, Ken. I mean, what photographer would want to work with a retoucher who has the ability to destroy his career overnight via completely fabricated lies & malicious allegations?

The entire interview can be read here.

Don’t look at the last part of Keith’s answer (the part where he’s saying it’s all “fabricated lies & malicious allegations”). That’s what anyone in his position would say. Look at the first part of his answer. It’s something all scammers should consider before doing what they’re doing.

Brad Karson didn’t pay for my services and right now he might think what a good deal he got. But you know what? Sooner or later he will wish he would have paid me. So don’t choose to be in his shoes; just pay for the services you get.

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