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Should we continue with a few advertising projects?

The "Tap & Go" campaign by Mastercard explains the benefits of using the contactless technology and why the customers should be encouraged to use this payment method. Quick and safe with just a tap of your contactless-enabled card or device.

The technology provides a secure encryption and Zero Liability Protection, which states that Mastercard won't hold you responsible for unauthorized use if you report the loss or theft of your card to the local financial institutions immediately after you become aware of it.
Up until this point, there was a single IKEA store in Abu Dhabi and the current location required a 30 minutes drive from the city centre. In a mission to become more accessible, the Swedish furniture store decided to move closer to people's homes by opening a second 2100 square metres branch at Al Wahda Mall, right in the heart of Abu Dhabi.

With a new store opening in sight, the Ogilvy advertising and marketing agency was designated to promote the event and I was contacted to create the still key visuals and the cinemagraphs for the advertising campaign.
The people behind this lovely and heart-melting project, TheUncommonDog, are first and foremost extremely passionate dog owners. Therefore, if they don't believe that our dogs would love a product, they won't offer it on their website under no circumstance.

As I was told and I sincerely believe, their goal is to provide an exemplary shopping experience and help us find the very best products our dogs need, at a great price. They're also giving back 10% of their annual profits to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).
Worn on just two fingers, the StopSleep device immediately detects loss of concentration and fatigue, warning drivers using signals in the form of vibrations and loud alert tones, which will escalate as the driver's loss of concentration increases.

The principle of the StopSleep device is based on the continuous analysis and measurement of skin conductivity using eight built in electrodermal sensors. Before falling asleep the skin conductivity sharply decreases. As soon as the device detects these changes, it responds immediately.
It stops with me is an australian anti racism campaign who's trying to put in the spotlight the idea that too many people experience racism, prejudice and discrimination on a regular basis. All across Australia, there are people and organisations doing great things to reduce and prevent racism.

A research have shown that it’s often the people working on the ground within local communities or specific environments who have the best understanding of the issues and ideas of how to overcome them in the most effective way in order to make a difference.
Since the foundation of the company, Zdravo selflessly invested their knowledge, energy and capital in reaching and gaining high-level standards. The result of that is getting numerous standards and certificates which prove that they are very serious when it comes to protection of their consumers, employees and the environment.

Zdravo gained the first Environmental Management System certificate in Serbia, in the field of food production and food processing. That backs up the claim that they truly care about all aspects that are health-related.